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For the web site you really need

While the web is part of how we all do business these days, your ideal site might not just fly out of a box, ready to go. When a ready-made solution isn't going to work for you, Loose Chicken Software Development provides custom web site programming services for all kinds of applications and for all kinds of clients. We strive for functional and thoughtful web site design that makes the perfect match between technology and humanity.

Some of our clients simply need a web presence. Other folks have more complex requirements such as:

  • file sharing
  • event planning and registrations
  • member-only organization resources
  • multi-level user access control
  • web-based data collection
  • online payment processing

It's a complicated world out there. Here at Loose Chicken, we try to keep things as simple as we can: Listen to our clients, help clarify their needs, understand the human beings who'll use the site, and then create something that brings those elements onto common ground. We know our clients already have plenty of things to worry about and, well, we don’t think a web site should be one of them. Contact us to discuss your custom web development needs.